Hello, everyone, and welcome to my travel blog, “The Magikal Life”! My name is Kal, and I am a petite model and aspiring actress who is passionate about seeing the world, experiencing unique art, and exploring all the beautiful natural sights the world has to offer! “The Magikal Life” is just a small space where I will be sharing my experiences while traveling, as my career is on hold due to chronic gastrointestinal issues.

Starting a travel blog wasn’t always something I had thought about doing until July 2018 when my health started to decline. Being a petite model that mainly shot boudoir and swimwear due to my small frame, I already had trouble fitting into clothing so losing over 16 pounds unintentionally really impacted my image. I didn’t look like the images the portfolio I had worked so hard to build up anymore and my symptoms had also started worsening so that automatically meant I had to let go of my career for a while. My already poor mental health started to worsen as I realized that I had no other choice but to be patient until I heal.

Traveling has always been a passion of mine that has helped me keep going. In a way, I feel lost when I don’t wander.

Now that my health isn’t up to par, I travel more often as it helps me forget about the symptoms. I didn’t have a lot to look forward after having to forego all the projects I had taken on so I decided to create hope where I had none by creating a space where I can share my experiences and places that I get to visit on my travels as well as my visits to art exhibits. Art is a passion of mine that I cannot escape, no matter how hard I try, and through visiting art exhibits, I’ve come to accept that art will always be a monumental part of my life. While blogging is just a hobby that keeps me going for now, I definitely will be keeping up with this in the long run as traveling and art are some things I will, hopefully, never stop doing and experiencing as long as I am alive!

Thank you for joining me on this journey! I hope I can make your life a little bit more “magiKal” and inspire you to chase your dreams and see the world as well