My Experience At CandyTopia (Read Before Visiting!)

I’m over all of these adults and young adults putting on facades as if they don’t love candy. Don’t lie to yourself and acknowledge your inner child, CANDY IS GOOD!

But seriously, I can’t take anyone who can eat candy freely that says they don’t like candy. As someone who has dietary restrictions, I can honestly say even those of us with health issues that inhibit our candy consumption still love candy, we just don’t like what it does to us.

And still, even with this 10 long month flare-up from hell, I still ask for candy as my desired gift for birthdays and other occasion. I’m almost 25 so I’d be better off with botox than baby bottle pop, but I haven’t tried baby bottle pop yet so I feel like that’s a much more worthwhile gift. 

So for a candy-lover like me, CandyTopia seems like the best place on earth, right?!

I wouldn’t say it’s the best as I would an unlimited vegan chocolate buffet to be a dream come true, but regardless of the fact, I still had a fun time. If you are looking to go to CandyTopia, I would recommend it, but there are just some things you need to know some things before your visit:

-You can’t go back into any rooms so once you move forward, you have to stay in that room or continue to move forward.

-Most of the rooms are timed. Have your poses ready!

-The bathroom is in the middle of the exhibit so please go to the bathroom beforehand! If you have a medical problem that can cause you to go to the bathroom frequently, prepare in advance or let your guide know! I didn’t eat anything prior to going to CandyTopia to avoid a bathroom trip!

-The candy sample boxes are usually on the sides of the room by the wall or at the front of the room before you enter the next room! Make sure you grab whatever samples you can have!

-Ask your guide for allergen information and read up on their official website on allergen information before you go!

-The lighting is problematic for DSLRs so if you’re going in with a DSLR and expecting to color correct these photos, just know that you will have to work with lighting that is optimal for iPhone/cellphone camera photos.

-Bring a backpack! There’s barely any spots to put your stuff down if you want to take pictures and have a lot of stuff to carry.

-Don’t touch any of the pieces that are made with candy!

-If you want to take pictures on the confetti wheel, it’s better to lay down or pose with your eyes closed or else you may squint in your photos! Just a fair warning to anyone who may be interested because you will see in the photos below where I had some trouble myself.

-There are probably going to be a lot of kids during your time slot so be wary of kids running around.

-If you don’t like loud noises, stay away from the cannon at the Marshmallow ball pit! The noise is EXTREMELY loud!

-There is a gift shop at the end if you want to buy some CandyTopia merchandise or some candy!

-Don’t be disappointed if your photos don’t turn out well! CandyTopia is honestly more for the experience rather than for the photos, as I learned from my visit!

I really wish I had read someone’s blog post about CandyTopia before my visit! I saw so many beautiful photos, but I still had a hard time taking some good shots there and I now understand why! The lighting was colorful and really different so it made everything harder when it came to taking photos, but my friend Jeremy LaRue, who I often visit immersive art pop-ups with, and I made some great stuff! All of the below photos were shot by him! Without further adieu, here are the photos from CandyTopia:

So as I mentioned before, CandyTopia is better to experience than to take photos at. If you do take photos and they don’t turn out well, realize that the goal is to get better memories than to take good pictures! If you decide to go to CandyTopia, I hope you have a wonderfully sweet time!