Like Immersive Art and Tacos? Visit TacoTopia & Read this before You Go for Some Ideas!

Sometimes, all it takes is one time to get hooked on something, and that was what happened with me and immersive art!

I fell in love with immersive and interactive art after my visit to Rainbow Vomit and decided that one of the things I was going to showcase on my blog was immersive art exhibits and pop-ups. Visiting immersive art exhibits is easier for me since my IBS and MC are still active, and on top of that, I am still struggling with SIBO so it’s a bit more of a hassle for me to hike to my heart’s content like I used to. Going to immersive art exhibits gives me an opportunity to get out of the house and have fun for a short amount of time without having to be afraid of not having access to a clean bathroom.

So one day in February, I sat down and looked up immersive pop-ups in the major cities in Texas. I stumbled upon a few that caught my attention, and two of them were in Austin. Since my family likes to go on day-trips, I didn’t have to do much to convince them that it was a good idea to take a day-trip to Austin to visit the two art pop-ups I found—TacoTopia and Hopscotch.

TacoTopia is an immersive art exhibit that is themed about everything taco-related and is on tour! Here is what their official website says about TacoTopia:

“Tacotopia is a larger than life playground presented by Cholula Hot Sauce, a hybrid amusement park and Taco Festival all rolled up into a funky, Tacotastic, immersive exhibit.” –TacoTopia website

The Austin exhibit ended on March 31st, but TacoTopia is on tour and will be in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and Chicago so if you live in one of those cities, you should consider checking out TacoTopia! TacoTopia is sponsored by Jarritos and Cholula Hot Sauce so you will get a complementary bottle of Jarritos and 1 sample size bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce for each person in your party. There will be a chip bar where you can try the different flavors of Cholula Hot Sauce with corn tortilla chips.

Things to note before you go:

If you have health problems like mine that can be irritated or triggered by fried food, corn, carbonation, acidic foods, or spices foods, I would recommend you try the samples with precaution or don’t try them at all! 

TacoTopia’s lighting involves ring lights so I would suggest doing some light correcting and color grading to your photos if you are using a DSLR and in some cases, even iPhone photos!

-Ticket cost varies by the time you purchase the ticket and city! We got our tickets on sale so check the website and Instagram page for deals!

Don’t hesitate to interact with the surroundings and take pictures by the wall or with a hat on.

If you are by yourself or members in your party don’t know how to use a DSLR or take photos up to your standard, ask the employees to help you! Don’t make the same mistake I did, as I had my DSLR but didn’t want to bring it in to risk out of focus pictures.

iPhone portrait mode won’t always work in TacoTopia because of the artificial lighting so if you are looking to use portrait mode, I’d suggest really working at it or processing your photos in an editing application afterwards. 

Jarritos Mineral Water is an option if you can’t have too much sugar.

There will probably be other people around you waiting to take pictures so be courteous but don’t get nervous! If it’s possible, plan your poses out ahead of time!

There is a foam ball pit so if you plan on getting in, wear clothes that may be suitable! You have to your shoes off before getting in anyways so suitable clothing is more important! 

An hour is actually a good amount of time to take photos, consume samples. and interact with everything at TacoTopia. 

Going into TacoTopia, I hated hot sauce, but then I tried Cholula Hot Sauce and have since then converted into a hot sauce fan. I am not sponsored by any means by Cholula Hot Sauce, I just wanted to give those of you that hate hot sauce a potential option that might convert you too. I actually ended up buying a bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce this week!

Since I am prone to ulcers and have IBS and IBD, I can’t really have too much hot sauce, but I did purchase a bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce a day ago just to add a drop or two when I want some extra flavor in my food. Even my family loves Cholula Hot Sauce because the vinegar taste that we hate and is dominant in most hot sauces is not that apparent in Cholula Hot Sauce. I would recommend trying the Chili Lime flavor if you’re into milder flavors like me, Chipotle if you like a nice smokey taste, and Green if you want some heat in your hot sauce.

According to the website, there are about 25 different backdrops at TacoTopia. It’s amazing how creative they got with the way they themed their entire exhibit around tacos and elements found in Mexico in general like piñatas and cacti. Here are some of the rooms and backdrops that are in TacoTopia:

Guacamole bowl ball pit

Looking back on my experience at TacoTopia, there were a number of poses and photo opportunities I missed out on and could have done way better! I would go again if the exhibit comes back to Texas next year for sure. I would highly recommend that you go to TacoTopia if you’re in the cities that TacoTopia is coming to. While TacoTopia is great for bloggers (both upcoming and experienced), cosplayers, models, influencers, and anyone who wants to use the photos for their social media, it’s also a great experience that you can take your children to! You could even go on a date there! Whether you’re 6 or 60, you’ll be able to have fun at TacoTopia, but you don’t have to take my word for it, go see it for yourself if you live in one of the cities TacoTopia will be in!

So if you love tacos, immersive taking pictures, hot sauce, and Jarritos, TacoTopia is definitely for you!