Rainbow Vomit Dallas: Night Mode!

As those of you that have been keeping up with me know, I visited my very first immersive art Rainbow Vomit, a colorful immersive art experience located in downtown Dallas, in January of 2019! Visiting Rainbow Vomit in January was not only the beginning of my journey as a blogger, but it was also one of my first times getting out of the house by myself after months of being withdrawn from the outside world due to my symptoms!

7 months later, I have gained a couple of pounds of muscle, taught myself photography, restarted modeling (FINALLY!), and have gone to over 8 immersive and pop-up art exhibits since then! Things sure do change in 7 months, and Rainbow Vomit’s exhibit is no exception! As of August, the artists behind Rainbow Vomit have opened a new visually appealing attraction called “Night Mode”! If you like backlights and have been wanting to see Rainbow Vomit, I would suggest going to Rainbow Vomit “Night Mode” to have your fair share of blacklight fun! Below are some things you might find helpful before your visit:

Things to know before attending Rainbow Vomit Night Mode:

-Tickets generally range from $23-$28! Check the official Rainbow Vomit website and Rainbow Vomit instagram for more information!

-LOOK FOR THE SECRET ROOM! Hint: it’s close to the entrance and the location is more obvious than you’d think!

-There is a DJ upstairs! This is helpful to know if you want to avoid loud noises or if you want to suggest some music!

-if you have epilepsy, please attend with precaution. There were not normally many flashing lights on or strobes going on during my visit, but there is a possibility that the DJ might choose to flash the lights based on how the crowd is feeling.

-Dress in something that will respond well to blacklight! White and neon colors show up well under blacklight!

-The staff and owners will help you take photos if you ask them! Take as many photos as your heart desires!

-It’s a great date night idea if you want something to do in downtown Dallas after taking your significant other to dinner! My boyfriend was not able to come to Rainbow Vomit “Night Mode” as he wanted to help me out with my duties at home, but I took him to another immersive art exhibit the next day and he loved it so I would recommend attending an immersive art exhibit as a part of date night any day!

-Night Mode is more suitable for adults as it is at night and can be something you do with your friends either before or after bar-hopping or clubbing! To those of you that hate going out to the club or bar (like me), Rainbow Vomit “Night Mode” is one of those things you can do without feeling too much social anxiety!

I personally don’t go clubbing or bar-hopping so Rainbow Vomit “Night Mode” was a wonderful Friday night experience to me that I attended with my good friend Jeremy LaRue! All the photos from my visit to Rainbow Vomit “Night Mode” were shot by Jeremy LaRue and you can see them below!

And now I present to you, the photos from Rainbow Vomit’s secret room!

I hope those of you that are considering visiting Rainbow Vomit “Night Mode” or just Rainbow Vomit attend as it is a visually captivating once-in-a-lifetime experience in a world of colors!

Details/Credits: -dress: Charlotte Russe | -shoes: Steve Madden 2018 | -photographer: Jeremy LaRue

My First Immersive Art Pop-Up: Rainbow Vomit

Depression is the enemy of creativity so I’ve been having trouble trying to get this started. Every bad mental health day is a day of productivity lost, and I’ve already lost so many days to poor mental and physical health. Ever since my flare-up started in July 2018, my whole life has turned upside down, and I’ve had to make a LOT of lifestyle changes to accommodate my chronic digestive issues. Not only have I hit the pause button on my modeling and acting career for a while, but I’ve also had to stop traveling for the most part as well.

When I lived in New York, I was taking some medication four times a day for my ulcer that had a side effect of constipation. It helped me get out of the house and see some beautiful gorges and waterfalls in upstate New York, but eventually, my digestive issues got worse and I had to leave upstate New York. While living in upstate New York for a change was great, I couldn’t get an appointment with a primary care physician for a check-up because most of them weren’t accepting new patients. I had to come back to Dallas, where physicians are abundant but waterfalls are not. 

It’s as they say, everything is bigger in Texas—which meant any state park worth visiting was quite the distance from Dallas. Taking day trips to these state parks was not a realistic option for someone who was dealing with the symptoms of multiple gastrointestinal issues. I stopped wanting to get out of the house because of my symptoms. Even grocery shopping became problematic and difficult for me, and the fatigue and pain associated with my conditions started to become a problem for me. 
Dealing with on and off periods of diarrhea isn’t new to me so upon being diagnosed with microscopic colitis and now IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), I really felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I’ve been searching for an answer that wasn’t a juice detox and eating mostly vegetables for years so receiving the first diagnosis helped me achieve some peace while the second diagnosis kind of disrupted the peace. I was treating microscopic colitis for all of these months and I was told that I had to treat a whole other disease too so it’s caused quite a bit of anxiety for me. All of the new challenges that have been popping up since this flare from hell began are a lot easier to deal with since I know what’s causing the problem, but I’m sick of having to change my lifestyle over and over.

The things that used to bring me joy only bring me anxiety now, like, for example, ANY activity that has to do with getting out of the house. Traveling used to bring me a peace of mind, but now all I care about is whether there is a bathroom at the destination and if I have all of my food prepared to take with me in the event that there are no restaurants with food I can eat. However, now that I’m finally making progress with my colitis, I wanted to try to get out of the house for a bit. 

That being said, an hour at an immersive art pop-up seemed reasonable to start off with. I had been mentally preparing for this for days and despite having a cold and a rash the day of, I was determined to force myself to get out and do something for an hour. I kept telling myself it was “only an hour”, but getting out for that one hour took a whole day of mentally preparing and planning—don’t you just love anxiety?

The car ride to Rainbow Vomit was an anxiety filled 25 minutes of me freaking out over what I could eat for dinner and my outfit not being colorful or correctly planned enough to match the concept. I went with a simple, cute outfit instead of an eccentric one so I spent a whole 25 minutes regretting my outfit. 25 minutes of non-stop anxiety is a hell most of us know but want to forget.

Needless to say, my anxiety REALLY calmed down when I got there. 
I met up with my photographer friend Jeremy at the Rainbow Vomit. We had worked together last year on a shoot, and we have been great friends ever since then. He never disappoints when it comes to edits, and I’ve always loved how bright his work is so I feel like his style is perfect for a colorful art exhibit! I asked him if he wanted to check out Rainbow Vomit with me, and I’m glad it worked out because neither of us had been to an immersive art pop-up before so it was a really unique experience. 

The two photos below are taken on my iPhone 7 by me.

The Lobby
Vintage style office table with a typewriter & phone

Rainbow Vomit is a comic book themed immersive art pop-up and had both colorful and black and white rooms. We were all informed to be on the look out for a secret room at the start of the exhibit as well. The lobby and some other areas such as the bathroom were in black and white but as we went through the exhibit, we started to see more the colorful and eccentric side of Rainbow Vomit.

All photographs featured below were shot by Jeremy LaRue.

Being someone who shot boudoir and swimwear primarily, I was completely out of my element at a whimsical art pop-up, which made it all the more fun! Due to my ongoing struggle with my health, I haven’t shot in over 6 months so posing in an interactive art exhibit in jeans and a crop-top in a room full of strangers was definitely a challenge. I’m still new to blogging and channeling my inner blogger for photos hasn’t been a walk in the park just yet.

We used up the full hour to take photos and experience the entire exhibit. I’m sure there were subtle details we missed because I was afraid of breaking things. We didn’t end up finding the secret room, and some others who had gone to the exhibit told me where the entrance was after we left. The entrance to the secret room is one of those things you have to seek out instead of letting it find you so the next time we go, I’m 100% sure we will be looking out for it! I’ve been looking at immersive art pop-ups since October 2018 and it’s now February 2019 so I’m glad I finally got the opportunity to go to one. I look forward to visiting more immersive art pop-ups whenever I come across one again!